• So what does LGS do, exactly?

We apply hospital/food grade disinfectant to your facility to prevent the growth and transmission of microbes, viruses, bacteria, and fungus.  Application is made through a commercial grade fogger specifically designed to disperse cleaning solution evenly and effectively within an environment.

  • Whats all this "partnering" business?

Not only do we apply disinfectant to rid the facility of viruses and microbes, but we also sell equipment and disinfectant to get your business self sustaining, if that's what you desire.  In fact, we even coach you in application techniques for varying surface types.  Our ultimate goal is the same as yours, to develop a  long term, sustainable plan for maintaining a healthy environment.

  • Is the spray safe around food?

Our service teams only apply the highest quality disinfecting solution.  This solution is rated for commercial kitchens.  While we will need to ensure all food is safely tucked away, the solution is safe for food prep areas.  It is also rated for use in hospitals and clean rooms.

  • What types of buildings do you service?

We service both commercial and residential buildings. If there are questions about a specific surface type or facility, please reach out so we can discuss in detail your specific needs.

  • Other than equipment and disinfectant, what products do you offer?

Our sales team is proud to offer the nanoSeptic line of products.  These are replaceable surface barriers that actively eliminate germs through contact.  These surfaces are great for door handles of all types, faucets, stair rails, hand rails, and all other high frequency touch points.